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TD SYNNEX and Qualcomm are empowering the Metaverse!

The world is constantly evolving. Before 2020, both short and long flights across the world to meet each other in an office building were a common occurrence. Flash forward three years and in a post-pandemic world, our values and needs have completely changed. As our way of working evolves, so does TD SYNNEX. Through virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, the world is truly in our hands – and directly in front of our eyes. Technicians meet in virtual environments to exchange their know-how. Surgeons can visualise any situation even before they reach the OR. And our international colleagues are closer than ever through immersive virtual meetings.

Discover how TD SYNNEX and Qualcomm can help you take your first steps in the Metaverse!

The building blocks of the Metaverse

The border between the virtual and real world continues to break down, providing breathtaking experiences that, a short time ago, could only be found in the imagination of sci-fi writers.

Augmented Reality

Overlays digital 2D or 3D content and information onto the real world via a mobile device or headset.

Mixed Reality

Allows digital and real-world objects to exist together and interact in real time.

Virtual Reality

Immerses users in a fully digital interactive environment through a headset or surrounding display

Discover the Metaverse Portfolio at TD SYNNEX

A complete Metaverse proposition doesn’t just include hardware – luckily, TD SYNNEX is able to provide you with a full overview of the required services, applications and complementary products to help you on your way. We are in touch with both established hardware vendors as well as start-ups that publish their apps in the Oculus Store – together with them, we’re able to help you offer your customers personalised, plug-and-play solutions. Through our warehouse and logistics centre, we’re able to prepare devices by pre-installing applications and settings, so the end user can start their Metaverse journey right out of the box. Want to know more about what solutions we have available? Press the button to get a more in-depth look.

Did you know that:


of medical professionals say they are in need of advanced technology in the Metaverse to provide better care for their patients?


of technical engineers already use a form of virtual- or augmented reality to remotely assist their co-workers?


of CEO’s are in search of new technologies to help their employees work more efficiently and confidently?

Which customers benefit from Metaverse solutions?

Snapdragon® makes the world go ‘round

TD SYNNEX is proud to partner with Qualcomm to accelerate the future of the Metaverse. Through their Snapdragon® XR technologies, they’re a vital part of solutions offered by companies such as Meta, Microsoft, Pico and HTC. The Snapdragon® XR solutions are designed to seamlessly merge the physical world with digital. Their best-in-class XR solutions include processors, software and perception technologies, reference designs and developer tools that help create a new future of unlimited potential for both enterprise and consumers.  With the combination of high performance and low power computing, 5G and AI, XR may have a greater impact on our world than PCs and smartphones combined.

We’re also able to assist you with applications

When you’re looking to support your customers with either AR, VR or MX, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact (mix of) applications they require. Luckily, we’re in touch with a wide range of developers who can create a state-of-the-art experience for their end users.

To get an idea of how we can assist you, below you can find buttons to two recent use cases of Metaverse from our customers. See how Pico VR changed the way technicians at the logistics company STEF handle their most complicated tasks, or read how a combination of apps and HTC hardware has made their way into the headquarters of the Dutch national police.

Want to get started in the Metaverse? Let us help you out!